haley.20.college sophomore. sadly way to obsesed with all things that remind me of my childhood (aka austin & ally, all disney and pixar movies, ect.) I love all things auslly/raura/r5 so that is what you will mostly find on this blog. Feel free to message me. I've been told I'm quite the talker and I'm here to listen.

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collide | juli & bryce {flipped}


I am finishing the auslly video next! :)

So what do you think?

rossomeandlaurific said: aaahhh your bryce x juli vid was way cute ;) i really loved flipped to the point that i made my whole class watch it hehehe all your vids are great btw keep up the amazing work :DD

AH YES! Someone who appreciates the greatness and cuteness that is FLIPPED! :) And thank you so much. I really like how this video is turning out so I’d love to hear your feedback once I am finished with it, That should be later tonight! 

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collide | juli & bryce {preview}

okay, I know this is not austin and ally, but I wanted to know if any of you have seen the movie “Flipped”? I saw it the other day and fell IN LOVE with it. This video is about the main two characters and I want to find someone to talk to about it and gush! AHHH SOO MUCH CUTENESS! So anyone out there seen the movie? and what do you think of the video?


I wish that Austin And Ally was on ABC Family instead of disney… I want pg-13 scenes.

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all of me - austin & ally season 2 {PREVIEW}

LOOK WHAT I’M WORKING ON… FINALLY! & idk why there is black bars on the side of the video. Does anyone know how to fix that?

the lovely & beautiful laura marano.


So can someone explain to me how to put a url behind an “x”? Like you know when people will post a picture with the caption of x. and that x is a link… can anyone tell me how to do that?

Laura Marano is taking over Radio disney all night!

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